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Partner Battle : 2 - Entry Post

Partner Battle : 2 - Entry Post

This post is ONLY for posting your icons.
♦ Between you and you partner will come up with the theme.
You could do techniques, colors, tv shows, movies, screencaps, textures, stock, etc.

♦ You will have two weeks to complete your icons.
♦ As a pair you will be required to enter 2 or 3 icons.
If you and your partner want to do a couple more than that. That's totally fine.

♦ When submiting your icons, PLEASE use the proper thread in the comments below. :)

The partners are *drum roll*.....

abyss_valkyrie & sandy79

vowrawn & mark_pierre

novindalf & luppiters

ella_rose88 & wunderkind_lucy

You have until Thursday, May 7th @ 11:59pm EDT.