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Small Battle : 1 - Results

Here are the beautiful icons that were made for Small Battle : 1.
Thank you so very much to all who entered in this battle. :DD
You all did such amazing work! ♥

Don't forget to join in on Small Battle : 2
The themes are: Lips, Eyes, Hair, Back, Chest

Negative Space // Splash of Color // Profile // Close Crop // Border/Frame
liM2Lz79xaeBaTA75mQ8Y_HFLyOeYf3lYdltNWAKHSfoJtUTa9Y6B6a9_yzQTTa5xu9IxBPs6BHjCF2701kz9g liM2Lz79xaeBaTA75mQ8Y03F5fZ2TE2tdOikOazncoSlxozJalE7FAsw3-lbW_NRNxx2wuFjrBSi_UiaReyaEQ liM2Lz79xaeBaTA75mQ8Y0UnPlMmB9fHJ_23jm6ydlBoItDhqVBpcKiAHfVaRCT2LlaR3555t4UzL8ssg6u9KA liM2Lz79xaeBaTA75mQ8Y5y82OnfwHIydkSi3TBB5-bymUJ3VnyeDLYOq6gWklvLxpe60aiuTQsDudC8kaj7nA liM2Lz79xaeBaTA75mQ8Y0UnPlMmB9fHJ_23jm6ydlDkhHV0WCBeO2LhJ9539RijVwDBC47qN-AfGgEqtHO12w
fxnCRtp littlemissnovel negative space ph1Nehu splash of color 7T5aBV0 profile UAqfSHz close crop jPXew3V border
1negativespace.png 2colour.png 3profile.png 4closecrop.png 5frame.png

8cWmvQL alt
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