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LOTS of REMINDER for you all....

Hey guys!

I have some REMINDERS!!

I just posted Big Battle : 5 - Voting!
Head over and cast your votes for you favorite icons! ;)

When is your birthday???
If you haven't given me your birthday yet,  please head over to post and comment with your birthday! ♥

Quick Battle : 30 closes in 3 days!!
Deadline: March 15th @ 11:59pm EDT
The theme is:

I would LOVE to see lots more icons entered!
Thank you to those you already have submited an icon! ♥

Small Battle : 15 closes in 3 days!
Deadline: March 15th @ 11:59pm EDT

For this battle, we are playing the fun game of
Be, Kiss, Marry, Kill, Friend

For more info, head over to the post. :)

These are the participants that still need to submit their icons:

Big Battle : 6 - Sign-up/Entry Post
Deadline: April 11th @ 11:59pm EST
Since April is someone's birthday month....

For the sixth big battle we are going to icon some of my favorite shows.

Sign-ups are open the whole battle for all battles. :DD
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