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Big Battle : 5 - Sign-up/Entry Post

Big Battle : 5

Hello and welcome to Big Battle :5!

For the fifth big battle we are going to icon our favorite character relationships.

So you can icon romantic, friendship or family relationships.
You can pick one couple and make 10 icons of them or you can do 10 different couples.

Please use this post to sign up and to post your finished icons.
Sign-ups will remain open for the entire battle.

If you have any question, leave them in the proper tread below.

- For this battle your are required to make 10 icons
- Icons must be all your own work and made for this battle – please no cropping from pre-existing Tumblr graphics or using pre-made bases or anything like that.
- Icons must fit LJ standards, so 40kb or less and exactly 100x100px. Animated icons are allowed, but try not to make just animated icons.
- Please use the submission form below to post your icons because it will make my life so much easier when compiling the reveal post!
- Just go ahead and submit your icons in any order. When I do the voting I'll put them in the order that I want. :)
- All entries are screenedso the reveal post is a big surprise – please don’t post your icons publicly/share them until after the reveal post goes up, so the surprise isn’t spoiled!
- All icons are due Monday, March 11  @ 11:59pm EST.
- Any questions, ask them in the thread below.
- Have fun!!! :D

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