April 12th, 2019

Claire - Waling In the Grass - Outlander

Small Battle : 18

Small Battle : 18

Credit goes to moonshinefaerie for this lovely banner. :) Thank you again! ♥

So I was trying to think of a small battle theme.
I was working in the barn and I guess being around nature. The idea for this battle just came to me.
I LOVE when battle ideas just pop in my head! :DD
For our eighteenth small battle, we are going to make icons inspired by the five basic elements of the the universe.
They are:
Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood

♦ You are required to make 5 icons for this battle.
♦ You can use any fandom or stock images for this battle.
♦ To enter, post your icons here in a new comment.
To participant, please comment below. :)

You have until Friday, April 26th @ 11:59pm EDT

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Ross - Walking on the Beach - Poldark

Big Battle : 6 - Voting!!

Here are the sets that were made for Big Battle : 6
You all did such an amazing job with all the screencaps! I hope you all had fun iconing some of my favorite shows. ;)
♦ Please feel free to give the makers praises in comments below.
♦ Please vote in each poll but not your own.
Voting will close Saturday or Sunday depending on number of votes and/or ties.
♥ Thank you! ♥

Here are the theme for this battle:
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