April 5th, 2019

Josh Allen - Cute Far Away - NFL

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, gallaghers!!!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, gallaghers!!! ♥

I hope you have a wonderful day. :DD

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Everyone comment and give gallaghers some birthday love. ♥

Some of gallaghers favorite things are:
 the mcu, lucifer, frontier, lord of the rings, riverdale and black sails.
♦ Books
♦ Wolves
♦ Amber Heard
♦ 80s hair bands/music
 ♦ The mcu
♦ Lucifer
♦ Frontier
♦ Lord of the Rings
♦ Riverdale
♦ Black Sails

So drop a gif or icon(s) or something else to celebrate! :D
Queen Anne - Pure - The Musketeers


Hey guys!

I have some REMINDERS!!

I'm so sorry that I'm late with reminders this week. :(( This week as been BUSY for me.
I hope to get to the results for Small Battle 16 very soon.

When is your birthday???
If you haven't given me your birthday yet,  please head over to post and comment with your birthday! ♥

Quick Battle : 33 is extended a little!!
Deadline: April 6th @ 11:59 EDT
I'm going to be busy all day tomorrow so I probably won't get to the results until Sunday.
I WOULD LOVE to see last minute entries! ;)

Small Battle : 17 closes in 7 days!!
Deadline: April 12th @ 11:59pm EDT
The themes for this battle are some of you very own mod's favorite techniques or themes to make icons.
They are:
CLOSE CROP(I LOVE CLOSE CROPS), Negative Space, Hair Porn, Green(I LOVE THE COLOR GREEN), Simplistic

These are the participants that still need to submit their icons:

Big Battle : 6 - Sign-up/Entry Post closes in 6 days!!!
Deadline: April 11th @ 11:59pm EST

Since April is someone's birthday month....
For the sixth big battle we are going to icon some of my favorite shows.

These are the participants that still need to submit their icons:

Sign-ups are open the whole battle for all battles. :DD
Josh Allen - Cute Far Away - NFL

Small Battle : 16 - Results!

So here are the final results for Small Battle : 16
Thank you so very much to those who voted!!
Also a huge thank you once again to those who participated!
You all made super gorgeous icons! ♥

magicrubbish / moonshinefaerie / aeriiths
abyss_valkyrie / rosegguk / littlemermaid
t1Nf6TCfiTgaWUX1sbWPkNGhUyBF95cElf4ccqCp4OrV7TuNBrIDHOofd9tVhMWyolYyGyH8gZIwQG_D9HgloQ image host
icy_imaginary / sandy79 / mark_pierre

luppiters / emmatheslayer / ama_ranth_827

There's still time to join in on the fun with Small Battle : 17! :D