February 11th, 2019

Claire/Jamie - Just a Kiss - Outlander

Quick Battle : 26

Quick Battle : 26

For Valentine's Day
our twenty-sixth quick battle the theme is:

You can use any fandom or stock images for this battle.
Remember you only have to make 1 icon.
There is no need to sign up.
To enter, post your icon here in a new comment.
Comments are screened. :)

You have until Friday, February 15th @ 11:59pm EST
Adam - Serious (Purple) - Chicago PD

Quick Battle : 25 - Results!

Here are the beautiful icons that were made for Quick Battle : 25
The theme was Center Crop
Thank you so very much to all who entered in this battle. ♥
Beautiful icons from you all!!
So sorry the results were late. :(

magicrubbish / nothfan / ciuciuvaraworld / tinnny

Sex1VxBX0AZWsdZfDj7P8FqKabx1VAZi7alMfNFzsAvjA7xucwPo0jIz3LDWqrOPPeW0KDHoAmnSKdJ5HJFYTw image host Sex1VxBX0AZWsdZfDj7P8GtrRy8zwYYQyhMtmgLwbstJrECVBJq_PrknFrCjgdVdmhtBKVFxqvBzOGz9n91hOjybrenPGGioM2UklqAdV2o
icy_imaginary / abyss_valkyrie / sandy79 / erinm_4600

mark_pierre / emmatheslayer / ama_ranth_827

C/J - Brave New World - Outlander

Big Battle : 5 - Sign-up/Entry Post

Big Battle : 5

Hello and welcome to Big Battle :5!

For the fifth big battle we are going to icon our favorite character relationships.

So you can icon romantic, friendship or family relationships.
You can pick one couple and make 10 icons of them or you can do 10 different couples.

Please use this post to sign up and to post your finished icons.
Sign-ups will remain open for the entire battle.

If you have any question, leave them in the proper tread below.

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