January 23rd, 2019

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Small Battle : 11 - Results!

So here are the final results for Small Battle : 11
Thank you so very much to those who voted!!
Also a huge thank you once again to those who participated!
You all made such beautiful icons! ♥

magicrubbish / abyss_valkyrie / littlemermaid / ama_ranth_827

Who-Missy-Ring-Wardrobe-Battle011 p4Wf9G6IUjss4py54922lsB3d2PVk97ragRRDu56mFQi9q7LVkh1fC2Up9oP1L37pF-eAXuXcsug3Fc4jNe75JBVP2wvmjIdd58tjw21rt0 image host
luminousdaze / erinm_4600 / emmatheslayer / sandy79



There's still time to join in on the fun with Small Battle : 12! :D