January 13th, 2019

Athos - Blue - The Musketeers

Quick Battle : 21 - Results!

Here are the beautiful icons that were made for Quick Battle : 21
The theme was BLUE

Thank you so very much to all who entered in this battle. ♥
Beautiful icons from you all!!
The next Quick Battle will be posted Monday morning. :)

littlemermaid / erinm_4600 / magicrubbish / ciuciuvaraworld

image host
luppiters / theladymorgan / mark_pierre / sandy79

luminousdaze / emmatheslayer
Claire - SAD - Outlander


Hey guys!
I have some


Small Battle : 11 ENDS IN 5 DAYS!!
Deadline: January 18th @ 11:59pm EST
This battle is all about things in your wardrobe.
Themes are:
Shoes, Dress, Jeans, Hat, Ring/Bracelet

These are the participants that still need to get submit their icons:

Big Battle : 4 - Sign-up/Entry Post
Deadline: February 7th @ 11:59pm EST
*I added an option for this battle.*

Banner Battle :1 (Special Battle)
Deadline: January 31st @ 11:59pm EST
The banners that have been submited so far a so pretty. Thank you! ♥

Sign-ups are open the whole battle for all battles. :DD