November 26th, 2018

Josh Allen - Cute Far Away - NFL

Quick Battle : 19

Quick Battle : 19

For our nineteenth quick battle the theme is:

wnCKrXn violateraindrop
Credit goes to violateraindrop for this pretty texture. :)

You can use any fandom or stock images for this battle.
Remember you only have to make 1 icon.
There is no need to sign up.
To enter, post your icon here in a new comment.
Comments are screened. :)

You have until Friday, November 30th @ 11:59pm EST
Peter - Warrior ANGRY - Narnia

Small Battle : 9 - Results!

So here are the final results for Small Battle : 9
Thank you so very much to those who voted!!
Also a huge thank you once again to those who participated!
You all made such beautiful icons! ♥

magicrubbish / ciuciuvaraworld / babyara / nothfan

image host zm0abAnGOdeTlF__p6A3VijXmwp66ihUQAv49v6TWpvqbv-ECQCiCIVmTnFDkc0MC41Ea95V6-QlhuSzh4vXBFoSfLE_QLgxPBClOiDvBrk
sandy79 / erinm_4600 / sweet_lyri / mark_pierre


Don't forget to join in on the fun with Small Battle : 10
It's a stock battle! :)
Claire/Jamie - Really Close - Outlander

Big Battle : 3 - Voting!

Here are the sets that were made for Big Battle : 3
Everyone made such fantastic icons from all the screencaps! I LOVED to see what everyone did with each cap. ♥
♦ Please feel free to give the makers praises in comments below.
♦ Please vote in each poll but not your own.
Voting will close Tuesday or Wednesday depending on number of votes and/or ties.
♥ Thank you! ♥

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