October 22nd, 2018

Josh Allen - Cute Far Away - NFL

Quick Battle : 14

Quick Battle : 14

For our fourteenth quick battle the theme is:

You can use any fandom or stock images for this battle.
Remember you only have to make 1 icon.
There is no need to sign up.
To enter, post your icon here in a new comment.
Comments are screened. :)

You have until Friday, October 26th @ 11:59pm EDT
Claire - Lost (green) - Outlander

Big Battle : 3 - Sign-up/Entry Post

Big Battle : 3

Sorry guys I meant to post this last week and I forgot.
My mine was filled with too many things. :(
Hello and welcome to Big Battle :3!

For the third big battle we are going to icon different tv shows with the provided screencaps below.

I have chosen 10 screen caps from the post that I made a few days ago.
The ones that I didn't pick. I will hopefully use them for another battle sometime. :)
Thank you so much to those who helped me out! I really appreciated it

You challenge is to make an icon of each screen cap.
Please use this post to sign up and to post your finished icons.
Sign-ups will remain open for the entire battle.
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