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Big Battle : 23

Big Battle : 23

Hello and welcome to Big Battle : 23!

May's big battle is going to be.....

For this battle you will be making icons inspired by 4 songs.
Why these 4 songs you might ask?
Well this is next year's marching band show!
We told the kids yesterday and they are so pumped and so are we!
The songs are:
Blinding Lights by The Weekend
High Hopes by Panic! At the Disco
Counting Stars by OneRepublic
My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light' Em Up)

I gave you a youtube link to each one.

This this battle you may make up to 20 icons.
You don't have to but if you get super inspired (I hope) then go for it!

Please use this post to sign up and to post your finished icons.

Sign-ups will remain open for the entire battle.

If you have a question(s), leave it in the comments below. :)

List of participants:

- For this battle you are required to make 10 icons but can up to 20 icons.
- Icons must be all your own work and made for this battle – please no cropping from pre-existing Tumblr graphics or using pre-made bases or anything like that.
- Icons must fit LJ standards, so 100kb or less and exactly 100x100px. Animated icons are allowed, but try not to make just animated icons.
- All entries are screened so the reveal post is a big surprise – please don’t post your icons publicly/share them until after the reveal post goes up, so the surprise isn’t spoiled!
- All icons are due Thursday, July 1st @ 11:59pm EDT.
- Any questions, ask them in the thread below.
- Have fun!!! :D

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