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!Mod Post - Well I'm back again....

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I'm back, guys!!!

Sorry I have been MIA for a month. :(( A lot has happened and I was feeling very overwhelmed by everything.
A show that has gotten through this past month, well actually through all of this covid-19 crap is the show Impractical Jokers.
I love this show so much!! All four guys are so funny! If you have seen it, you should check it out! ;)

Here are just a few of some of things that went down:
- I went back to work and had to get used to that schedule again.
- Things have been nuts around the farm.
- My Aunt suddenly passed away about 2 weeks ago.
- I'm just now getting over a stomach bug I had this week.

I hope to catch up on posting results, voting posts and new battles very soon.
Please just give me time. All get there eventially, I hope. :)

I just was to let you know I have missed all of you so much!!
I hope you all are safe and healthy in these crazy times. ♥♥

It's all about Sal.
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