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Hello to all my lovely members!! :DD

Again I'm here to say sorry for not posting reminder posts and commenting your lovely icons right away.
Truly feel sorry for not doing it.

Last week was a rough week for me and all this cornavirus stuff (it probably didn't help that my period was coming).
I was just felt so stressed and just started to worrying about a lot of things and then I didn't have a lot of energy to do my mod things.
I'm going to try to get things back track this week. I started dance classes on zoom and that definitely makes me feel better.

This is why I didn't a new quick battle posted.
I live and work on my family's dairy farm. I don't know if you guys I have heard but farmers are now having to dump milk.
This does not make me and family very happy because we work hard everyday and to dump perfectly good milk it just not right we there are people I know need it.
So yesterday I spent all day trying to give to milk to my friends and family in town.

Sorry for my rambling but I just wanted you all to know what was going on in my little workd.
I hope you all doing well through this quarantine. If you need to vent, let it go in the comments or even DM me personally.

For some comm stuff:
I hope to post a partner battle stuff very soon. :DD So stay tuned if you're interested!!

your mod

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