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Big Battle : 17

Big Battle : 17

Hello and welcome to Big Battle : 17!

April's  big battle is going to be

The ten shows I have screencaps for are
Chicago Fire, Victoria, The Musketeers, Outlander, Sanditon, Poldark, Reign, 9-1-1, Merlin and Riverdale.

Please use this post to sign up and to post your finished icons.
Sign-ups will remain open for the entire battle.

If you have a question(s), leave it in the comments below. :)

- For this battle your are required to make 10 icons
- Icons must be all your own work and made for this battle – please no cropping from pre-existing Tumblr graphics or using pre-made bases or anything like that.
- Icons must fit LJ standards, so 40kb or less and exactly 100x100px. Animated icons are allowed, but try not to make just animated icons.
- All entries are screened so the reveal post is a big surprise – please don’t post your icons publicly/share them until after the reveal post goes up, so the surprise isn’t spoiled!
- All icons are due Friday, May 1st @ 11:59pm EDT.
- Any questions, ask them in the thread below.
- Have fun!!! :D

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